We are currently shipping once per week.  You may also select  "Pickup" for your order.  You can come out to the farm which is halfway between Carpinteria + Ojai on Highway 150, or to the Ojai Farmers' Market on Sunday.  Thank you for your patience + we hope this plant medicine + magic nourishes you <3   


homegrown + handmade

botanicals + cut flowers 

Grown with love + regenerative practices along the Southern California coast

Any business, including a herbal and gardening business, needs to promote its product. There is a peak in sales in such stores in spring and summer, and the competition does its job - gardeners who sell more will get more profit. But how to do that? Most of the plants and botanicals are already sold or at least pre-ordered, so if you do not contact supplies in advance, you might be left with nothing. The quality of seeds in each store is the same because purchases come from the same farm. Therefore, you need to surprise potential customers. Based on the scope of this company, I would suggest that you offer a potential customer a sample of your product or a mini-course on gardening at home. Why not do a short test or training course that will share all the benefits of your product, and at the end you can ask to arrange a kind of tasting of healing tea. Kwiga, for example, is a great platform for creating these mini-courses, with a user-friendly interface and the ability to track whoever completed your course.

Plants are wonderful – not only do they take an active part in creating the air we breathe, but many of them are so beautiful to look at! Many flowers and herbs also seem to have medical and healing properties, according to science. Flowers can help you relax, fight stress and elevate your mood. Plats that are classified as herbs are utilized in cooling many flavorful dishes in countless cuisines. Shockingly enough, many of us are not aware of just how important and great plants actually are. Why not try writing services to write about plants? By creating an essay on various topics, like your favorite flower or vegetable plant, you can share your knowledge with the wider community. Remember that essays have a structure you must follow. In your opening passage, get your reader’s interest. Then develop your topic by asking questions and answering them as you write the text. Don’t forget to summarize everything you’ve talked about in the conclusion paragraph. Last but not least – don’t forget to edit your essay before sending it to be published. Your goal should be delivering high-quality content about plants and so much more.

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